A little bit of competition never hurt anyone!

A little while back, we hit pause on our competition feature. Great news – it’s been re-activated! What will display on the competition page?

  • Your top three brand ambassadors
  • The whole team leaderboard
  • The number of points earnt by each team member

Users will also be able to high five each other to keep the spirit up!What admin functionalities are available on the competition page?

  • Admins will be able to promote their top rewards
  • Admins will have the ability to configure the duration of the competition and organise micro challenges per team (via the account settings)

This feature is the perfect way to encourage a little bit of healthy competition between your ambassadors.

Inside information!When a candidate applies via a referral link, the owner of the link will receive an automated email sharing a short survey. This survey features 3 questions.

What is the purpose of this?It acts as an endorsement to the candidate’s application. The questions are to the administrator’s discretion: ask open or closed questions, or even ask your employees to rate the candidate. Use this feature to help inform your next decision.

SocialReferral has a new look!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to update the new interface, and it’s got loads of new benefits!What new functionality do the users get?

  • Better filtering and navigation options to find the content you want
  • New & improved personal activity overview page
  • Improved job display page, with easy share & apply buttons

What new benefits do I get as an admin with the new interface? 

  • Your job vacancies are now better optimised for SEO
  • Better embedding for SocialReferral onto your website

These general updates will help to make user experience much better and activation with the system much simpler.