There are a number of schools of thought on the extent to which staff should have access to social media platforms at work.  Questions over its impact on productivity, risk to the brand and methods of control all have a part to play.  Some organisations have a requirement to consider these risks more than others.  Highly regulated companies in the financial sector, for example, are much more stringent about mitigating risk than a looser regulated SME, because they simply have so much more at stake.  If monitoring is required, larger organisations are likely to need to invest more in this activity than smaller ones.  However, regardless of your risk profile, the truth remains constant.  The world is social, and it’s only becoming more so. It has already been proven that the organisations who embrace that fact, find compromises for control and ways to mitigate risk around productivity and brand go on to thrive, build stronger brands and engage with more candidates and prospects than their competitors.


Social recruiting isn’t something that’s going to go away.  With the increasing reliance on a millennial workforce and the challenges of skills shortages, engaging the innovative talent of the future is only going to become more reliant on consistent and fantastic social strategies.  A recent report carried out by SocialReferral found that 63% of HR professionals surveyed believed that social media would play a critical part in their future recruitment strategy but few surveyed were actually backing up that belief in practice, with only 23% encouraging employees to promote the employer brand and roles on social media.  This presents a really interesting gap for those organisations agile and brave enough to embrace the opportunity.  So few organisatons are really doing social recruiting well. But with the right tools and attitude, HR and recruitment professionals have the chance to really make their mark with this if you get the right support to make this work for your business.  Game-changing not only for talent attraction, but for the careers of those who get this right before their peers.

For more insight download our whitepaper: Embrace, Engage, Employ: The importance of social media to brand reputation and talent acquisition.