Online shopping to rival Amazon now available on SocialReferral 

Ok, well it’s not quite an Amazon drone delivering goods right to your door, but it’s almost as good.  With a view to further increasing employee engagement with your brand, we’ve revamped our rewards system – resulting in the best shopping experience available on any advocacy platform you’d care to mention!  The shop model system gives employees the freedom to save the points they’ve earned to reward themselves, when they want and how they want.  No more rigid ‘one size fits all’ incentive experiences here.  No Sir.

An online savings account to rival your ISA

The rewards system has always enabled employees to collect points.  Meaning prizes they receive each time they hit milestones.  Now, points collected by employees can line their online ‘wallet’ and they can save these points for even better prizes.  If they’re a frugal Freida, they’ll save their points and reap the big rewards.  If they’re an impatient Ian, they’ll be able to access smaller prizes on a regular basis. 

A shopping experience that keeps them wanting more 

Their online market place opens up before their eyes, the more they engage the more rewards are unlocked.  They decide what they want to buy and pay with their points, rather than accumulating gifts they don’t want before getting to the good stuff.  Anything left over waits for them in their online account.

They'll be so engaged they'll think you bought them a ring 

The wallet allows the employee more freedom than ever to make their own decisions about how to spend their points.  This means whether it’s small regular rewards, or longer term big hitters – your employees choose how to engage with your rewards programme based on their individual motivations at that particular time in their lives.

Top Tip:

Regularly ask your employees for feedback on the rewards in store and anything else they'd like to see.  Update what's on offer in the market place on a regular basis to keep them sweet!

So that’s it in a nutshell.  Providing your employees more choice, more control and just a bit more fun. Any questions, concerns, complaints or praise – give us a shout