We recently carried out a piece of research with more than 150 UK HR professionals.  These were the top 5 ways they said their business uses social media.


  1. External communications
  2. To advertise general vacancies and recruitment programmes
  3. Internal communications via private intranets and internal social channels
  4. To headhunt staff for specific roles
  5. For customer service

Not entirely surprising right?  Exactly, and this is how the vast majority of organisations are operating, which is why it’s no surprise when they aren’t seeing the results they want from their social recruiting efforts.  In our opinion, organisations would be better off from a brand and a recruitment point of view if the top 5 ways they used social media looked more like this:

  1. To amplify well thought out and properly invested in content that adds value, that tell stories which build the brand as a great place to work and a great brand to do business with
  2. Encouraging employees to share this valuable content and new job roles with their own networks – amplifying stories and rapidly increasing the size of talent pools
  3. For customer service and customer engagement (always critical)
  4. To build and nurture relationships with potential candidates and new business prospects through valuable targeted content, exclusive offers and invites to cool events
  5. Utilise paid advertising to amplify your messages, particularly on Facebook due to its in depth targeting capability


For more insight download our whitepaper: Embrace, Engage, Employ: The importance of social media to brand reputation and talent acquisition.