“We consulted other solutions on the market, but none of them provided such a complete platform. 

SocialReferral has added a new dimension to our referral scheme, and it has made it so easy to reinforce our employer brand through content sharing


Attracting the best candidates in a highly competitive market

CNS operate in an extremely competitive marketplace. Great talent is in high demand, and they are competing with major companies with huge benefits. Because they’re not the biggest player in the industry, they had to think carefully about how to differentiate themselves. By giving a voice to their employees, they offered the market an authentic and transparent vision of the CNS brand that could be trusted.

Referral was already the primary form of recruitment

CNS had always used referral, and it was still the primary source of recruitment.  However, prior to SocialReferral, analytics were manually tracked in Excel with a one-off bonus paid upon hire.  By implementing SocialReferral it added a new dimension to their referral scheme.  Gamification and a points system weren’t something ever present in the traditional referral scheme and this has seen huge levels of engagement.

Penetrated networks it was previously impossible to reach

CNS were previously promoting their corporate content and available roles to a combined audience of around 7,500.  Since implementing SocialReferral they’ve seen soaring levels of employee engagement, which has opened up social networks CNS have never had access to.  Their audience is now in the region of 150,000 and growing. Since implementing SocialReferral, they saw 50% of all website traffic came from the SocialReferral Iframe, within the first 6 months.

CNS Communications

The stats:


Increase In Shared Content


Increase In Overall Web Traffic


Employees Engaged


Audience reach, from 7,500

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