“There is nothing as powerful for our employer brand as the voice of our employees as Vodafone ambassadors


Innovating the current referral scheme

If you’re a recruitment professional you’ll know the statistics around referrals.  78% of recruiters find their best quality of candidates through referrals, and 46% of those hires have at least a 12-month retention rate, with only 33% of those hires coming from the careers site.  Like so many companies, Vodafone’s referral scheme was inefficient, offline, didn’t integrate with social media and suffered from a lack of engagement from employees.

Leveraging a huge employee reach

Vodafone had around 3000 employees with a combined estimated reach of 450,000 connections across social media, a serious audience for Vodafone’s brand.

By implementing the SocialReferral platform, fully branded for Vodafone, employees were able to share company content and job adverts at the click of a button, increasing the number of referrals for Vodafone roles and reinforcing the employer brand message on a daily basis.

Engaging employees through competition

Employee engagement with the platform is the key to its success.  We supported Vodafone with the rollout, running an Internal communication campaign for three weeks prior to official roll out, through intranet, TV screens and email. Following that, an internal competition was launched to encourage employees to sign up to the platform and start sharing.

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The stats:


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