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Getting social media right is hard

There are two key elements to success on social media. Get your message right, and amplify, amplify, amplify.

SocialReferral helps to use your workforce muscle to spread the word about your organisational culture. Finally get ahead of the social media curve.

Increase referral candidates

Employer brand has never been more important

There’s a war for talent in almost every sector you can think of. Great talent is hard to come by, and organisations need to utilise every element of their attraction arsenal to win that war.

SocialReferral uses clever methods of motivation to encourage employees to promote a positive employer brand message, helping you reach people your competition can’t.

Engage your Employees

Engaged employees are productive employees

Introducing a way to spread your brand message internally is difficult, and actively incentivising your employees to share and communicate that message on your behalf is the dream.

SocialReferral provides your employees with a gamified platform, making it easier for them engage with your brand. Start rewarding your engaged employees like they deserve.

What makes SocialReferral Different?

An All-in-One Solution

Rather than focusing on just one, at SocialReferral, we wanted to create a platform that helps to increase referrals, brand awareness and employee engagement.

Unbeatable Support

With specialist support teams based around the world, you can rest easy knowing that we'll be there to help you along the way, should anything go wrong.

Multi-lingual Platforms

We know a lot of businesses have offices all over the world, speaking different languages. SocialReferral works no matter where you are, with multilingual platforms available.

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